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Oleificio dei fiori is born of an idea of three brothers and their father's help, who is an expert of oil and engaged in this sector for years. They put their ancestors' teaching to good use, in turning the precious fruit - the olives, that are plentiful in Sabina - in a great extravirgin oil.
Oleificio dei fiori, an oil mill of about 1500 square metres, is in Fara Sabina ,Rieti province.
Sabina ( 400 matres above sea level ) is a renowned area for its old town and castles but above all it is known as an important centre of olives processing.
Sabinian olives come from sorrounding countries which are rich in age-old olives trees. These olives yeld a sweet, perfumed and deep of colours oil.
It's no accident that near our oil mill, in Canneto town, there is THE BIGGEST EUROPEAN OLIVE TREE.This giant is more than 1500 years old, 14 metres high and more than 6 metres of circumference. It's a witness to the long history of the plaiting between olive trees and Sabina.


L'ulivo più grande d'Europa

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