Our Oil Mill    

In our Alfa-Lavaal continuous cycle oil press, the oil extraction process is divided into different stages of production.
When olives arrive in our oil press they are at the moment stored in pierced hampers to permit the passing of the air for a better preservation.
An essential precautions is the working of the olives within 24 hours.
The olives manufacturig cycle foresees:

The olives are washed and leaves, twigs and soil are removed because could cause a malfunction of the system.

The milling is useful to prepare the dough in the right size for the following stages of manufacturing.

In this stage the dough obtained in the press is mixed, then kneaded four times.
The constant movement of the dough helps the aggregation of the drops of oil.

When the dough is ready is channelled in the decanter, where the oil is separated by water and husk.
The oil extracted by the decanter is purified by any remaining water, then destined to the consumption.

The oil obtained is put in the cisterns of stainless steel which, connetted with different manufacturing lines, permit the arrival of the oil directly in bottles or cans, which are filled, sealed with the cap and wrapped in boxes, assuring the greatest higiene

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